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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 @ 11:42 pm

Dear Blogger,

I've just come home from JB. Well not really. I was watching CSI after I came home. It has been awhile since I've watched CSI. Now I remembered why it was my favourite show last season. The episode I caught had Faye Dunaway as a guest star. Movie buffs would know her as Bonnie in "Bonnie and Clyde".

Pinky me at the doorway this morning

I was pink prep school perkiness today. The weather had been quite drab lately, so I thought the world needed some candy floss cheeriness. It was just something I had dug out from my wardrobe and layered over. Pink ribbed vest over pink polo tee, and brown Hampton shorts over black pantyhose tights. Topped it off with my striped pink wide hairband and red playschool haversack, and I'm ready to board the schoolbus.

I don't know why people dread to go to JB by bus. I thought it was much more interesting this way. There are more things to see and do. Anyway, I reached City Square by lunchtime. I had breakfast at 5.30 a.m, so my tummy was really grumbling by then. I was craving for fish and chips, but surprisingly, there were no restaurants serving decent fish and chips in City Square!

Because I was hungry and I really wanted to eat fish and chips, I settled for a mediocre one. Fortunately, it came as a set lunch, so it didn't feel too bad. After which, I went shopping with nothing in mind. In the end, I bought myself a tube top and a halter top. Sat for an express manicure too! Nude pink nail polish to match my outfit today. How gleeful!

A much needed rest...

Was relaxing my hardworking feet at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves for an hour or so with a chilled glass of ice latte when I received a call from my student's father about setting his children's computers. Somehow, I thought that was just an excuse to call me. I agreed to do them as soon as I returned to Singapore, just so that he won't use that excuse again on me.

On the way home, he messaged asking me about the weather. I thought that was odd. When I told him I was already on my way back to Singapore, he said in his own words, "I hope I can knock off early". Will somebody please tell me what the hell was that???

That was so creepy. Normally, I would revel in such flirtatious exchanges. But not anymore! I have a boyfriend now! I wouldn't foolishly jeopardise our budding relationship for this married cavalier! That is so not worth it! I've got to put a stop to this!

Not sure if I should tell Ipy. We chatted for awhile online till he had to return to work. I didn't mention it to him. He had too much on his mind as it is without having to know that his girl was being hit on by a married man at home. I shouldn't tell him that Din started contacted me again should I? Not that it bothered me. I think I've put a full stop to it when I told him that I've a boyfriend now.

Why do these things happen to me??? For once, can't life be simple??? Maybe just for 24 hours??? Now I've to think where we can escape to this National Day weekend. True blue Singaporeans that we are, we never want to stay here and celebrate our country's independence day.


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