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Wednesday, July 04, 2007 @ 9:51 pm

Dear Blogger,

I've been in and out of JB in the last 2 days, just for the fun of it. Well, not exactly. On the first night, I had my brother's car. So it was only driver's etiquette to fill up the petrol after use. And JB had cheaper petrol! For just S$20, I could have a sumptuous supper and still have balances to fill up to a full tank!

On the second night, like most times I've gone to JB this year, I took the bus. Taking the bus could be faster than driving in sometimes. Just like everything Malaysian, patience is a must. I don't think it's a Malay thing because I don't have that much patience for its laid back attitude.

The Freemason's Lodge

The Freemason's history plaque

Singapore Philatelic Museum

SCDF Central HQ

After that, I went joyriding with a friend who just got back from an overseas stint. Hopped onto his beemer in the middle of night and cruised down the expressways. We found ourselves at Yishun dam and planted our butts there with the quietness of the night, dark waters and flickering flames of the nearby incinerators as our backdrop.

Me in the car

The lonely street at Yishun dam

Occasionally, we had to tolerate the annoyingly ear-splitting sounds of bike engines. Nevertheless, the stillness of the night was a welcome change. We updated each other on our pathetic little lives. We also motivated each other to achieve our hopes and dreams, no matter how ridiculous they may sound.

Me and friend hanging out at Yishun dam

We have much in common. Yet, our significant difference is that he takes calculated risks while I just take risks. He has his feet firmly on the ground while my feet are constantly up in the air. He now drives a beemer while I've to be content with public transport. The grass may be greener on the other side, but I think I won't exchange the excitement and drama of my life for anything else.


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