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Friday, July 27, 2007 @ 9:23 pm

Dear Blogger,

It's a fat day today, and I'm having PMS. What's more, I'm getting bored. You know I can't get bored. I'll turn very ugly when I'm bored. I was so bored and restless today that I started SMS-ing people that I shouldn't even keep in touch with. Like Din.

I know I know. I'm a piece of shit. He fractured his fingers and it'll be his birthday in a few days. What the hell is wrong with me??? Of course I know what's wrong with me! I'm fucking bored! Ipy's away. My "friends" have disappeared. Will somebody please entertain me already?!

My no-carbo diet went down the drain when I chowed down fried rice AND noodles. God! I hate eating sometimes! My lower abs is taunting me when it bounces to the slightest move I make. I do crunches twice a day and STILL it gets bouncier and bouncier! I feel so bloody heavy and FAT, FAT, FAT!

Have I gone mental again? Do I need to call up my psychiatrist again? He's only going to tell me that I'm an emotional eater. Yeah yeah! Tell me something that I DON'T know! Can't believe that these people get paid to tell patients what they have already known.

Will somebody save library@Orchard please! First, THEY had to tear down the National Library at Stamford Road for some 5-minute express tunnel. Now, THEY had to close library@Orchard because the floor space would be better spent occupying spas??? How many spas do we bloody need anyway???

Doesn't the Ngee Ann City management realise that everything about the tenants from the 4th level up works because of library@Orchard??? From Kinokuniya to the art stores and galleries to that paper shop (Prints or Bookbinders, can't remember!), they all complement well with the vibrancy of library@Orchard!


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