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Thursday, July 05, 2007 @ 11:11 pm

Dear Blogger,

I think I've put on weight again despite all the walking and running I've done. It must be all those hidden carbohydrates I've let into my mouth. Amazing the stuff you put into your mouth when you're engrossed doing something else.

My horoscope for July courtesy of AstrologyZone.

In July, your office life will become unusually active, with phones ringing and coworkers darting here and there in a frantic rush. It may be dead quiet outside due to the fact that it's the height of summer in the northern hemisphere, but inside it's an active beehive, just like Area 51. (If you live "down under," I suppose you won't be that amazed that life is so busy, but up north it's hot, so most people will be away.)

Consider taking a vacation in late September or October instead of now, for your chart suggests it will be a better time to go. If that's agreeable, you can sort out your travel options in a few weeks, when you have a better idea of what your schedule will be like.

Alas, this month you won't get even a moment to breathe, let alone leave town. Lots of sudden shifts and new assignments are likely to come up, so you'll have to stay flexible. Business will be good, so thank your lucky stars for that! It's great to have a job, and it's even greater to feel so needed by your employer. If you own the company, better yet - there will be plenty of evidence that your customers love your goods and services.

Your home, property, or family will require quite a bit of attention from you too, making life in July quite a juggling act. With life at the office so busy and demands at home pressing on you, you may not know which way to turn. You may decide to move, or paint, or reorganize closets and pack up things you no longer need. It's a good idea, for you'll have the booster rocket effect of Mars behind you, a once-in-two-year favor that will help you be highly productive. You'll do twice as much in half the time, stunning everyone around you at your efficiency.

You will have until August 7 to complete a home renovation project or family-related question, for after that time, other things in life will come up and will strongly compete for your attention. Besides, you should focus now on home because you will be able to find exceptionally fine options now. That won't be the case later. In November, when friends are scrambling to get their houses in shape for the coming year-end holidays, you'll have your last little laugh. At that time, when everyone is so pushed to the edge, you'll be able to put your feet up and nibble on chocolates as you watch TV. You'll sure be glad then that you did the work on your home when you did, in July.

Also this month, you will probably note that there will be many more people than usual at your home base. With Mars now in your solar fourth house, your home appears to have become quite noisy. If you aren't having repair men, cable guys, techies, and contractors stomping through your living room, then it could be that you will be giving wild parties or hosting a lot of talkative house guests. One thing is certain: Life at home certainly won't be dull!

If your home is all set, and you are not interested in buying or fixing up other property, then it may be that a certain family member, most likely a parent, will need your focused attention in July. Your mother may need you to accompany her to the doctor, or your father may ask you to help give him advice with his investments, for example. Whatever comes up, you'll want to help.

If you need to find a solution for a home or family-related problem that you've found stubbornly difficult to solve, search for answers on July 20. Your ruling planet, Uranus, will brilliantly aspect Mars on this day, subjecting you to outstanding luck. Even if you think it would be highly unlikely to find a good solution, keep an open mind. Uranus creates surprises, and since Uranus will be so friendly this month, chances are, you'll love the answers that you uncover.

Getting more physically fit also appears to interest you now, and if so, your timing will be right on target. If you have been involved in sports all along, you can now improve your performance impressively. It would be the right time to treat yourself to lessons or to buy a package of training sessions. Mars in your sixth house will bestow you with an extra level of strength, so you may even surprise yourself!

If you've not been exercising lately, you can jumpstart a new program at mid-month and look sleek and trim in the clothes you get for the coming season. For best results, begin your active new fitness and nutrition plan in the days that follow July 14.

Financials have been a touchy subject for you in months past, but this month, you'll get good news for a change. You have two excellent days when you could get a breakthrough.

First, note July 11, a day when the mighty Sun and Uranus will be beautifully angled, so you'd likely find financial opportunities to be stunningly positive. This could turn out to be one of your best days of the month to make extra cash, perhaps by working overtime or by picking up an extra freelance assignment. A middleman such as an agent, broker, or other such person may be instrumental in helping you. If you have an agent, alert her to this day.

July 20 could also bring news of an additional windfall. At that time, your family seems to be the ones to deliver your luck, or your good fortune may involve real estate or, if you've been searching, a new roommate. If you hope to sell your house, this could be the day you do it.

In terms of romance, your house of true love is naturally ruled by Mercury, but since mid-June, as said earlier, Mercury has been in retrograde. Mercury is due to normalize its orbit July 9, and that's good news for you. Finally, you'll get a chance to meet someone who stands out and seems especially right for you.

If you have been dating, living together, or are married, there was a good chance that in June you were forced to go back to an old problem that you assumed was settled but apparently was not. Mercury will still be retrograde during the first nine days of July and will provide you with additional time and motivation to find more original answers to this sticky problem. Focus hard, for after July 9, you'll want to move on to other things.

The month will end with a full moon in Aquarius on July 29, operative for plus or minus four days from this date. This will mark an important moment in your timeline, and doubly so if you are born on or within five days of January 25. Something very dear to you will reach a final stage, and at the same time, you may also hear good news about money.

This full moon that will be so strong on the last weekend of July will be just your cup of tea. It will be a moment to survey how far you've come this year, and to decide what you would like to achieve by year's end. This full moon will be all about you, dear Aquarius, so schedule a little "me" time to enjoy yourself. You will have had a very hectic month, and you deserve all the pampering you can get at this time.

Also over this weekend of July 29 you may get an opportunity to travel or to attend a sensational social event. At the very least, you will be deeply touched by the kind gesture of a close friend. On all sides, July will end on a grand note.

Most romantic evenings: July 2 - 3, 7, 11, 20 - 21, and 29 - 31


You'll be a wizard of productivity in July, whipping through assignments and racking up praise left and right. June was a test of patience for you because Mercury was retrograde in this same work-a-day sector that will be so busy now. Last month Mercury caused you to attend to lots of redesigns, cancellations, and delays, but after July 9 you will see the pace pick up. The phase devoted to picking out flaws in a project is over, and it will be on to the new assignments, which as said earlier, should be plentiful.

Since it is never a good idea to buy electronics when Mercury is out of phase, from the new moon July 14 onward, you can order electronic items you delayed purchasing in June and in early July. (I don't want you to buy anything expensive too close to July 9 - give that date some space.) It will be fun to finally be able to order your iPhone, your plasma TV, or sexy new laptop computer. After July 14 those items will bring you all the pleasure you hope that they will!

Home will be a center of enormous activity, perhaps because you are diving into a major home renovation project or are set to move. If that's not the case, you may decide to have a few parties, host a number of houseguests, or help your parents with a project they need done. As you see, there won't be any time for a vacation as too much will be going on at home and at work. Schedule your holiday for late September or October for best results.

Your most lucrative financial days this month, when an interview or new gig will pay off handsomely, will fall on July 11 and 20. In both cases, your luck will be remarkable. Put a gold star on each!

The full moon on July 29 will be in YOUR sign, dear Aquarius, suggesting that you will see a project or relationship dear to you reach fullness. It's an important moment, when you come to understand and appreciate your own needs and what you need to make you happy. Concurrently, some sort of financial news that reaches you should make you want to dance on the tables!

Mercury rules your house of true love, and as said, since mid-June Mercury has been retrograde and will not normalize its orbit until July 9. This suggests that if you have been dating someone, you've been looking back to see if there are areas you need to discuss together. Perhaps you settled things last month. If not, take one more stab at settling things during July's first week. Once Mercury goes direct on July 9, your love life will gradually pick up speed.

If you are single, June was a better month for love, so hopefully you made a connection at that time. If not, a friend will be VERY helpful to you on July 29 (the full moon in Aquarius). If you want a pal to make an intro, this is the time to push your friend to do it!

Dear Aquarius, you've not had an easy time of it by a long shot. But Saturn is now touring its final days in Leo, a placement you have found very hard since its onset in July 2005. You have only one more month after this one to endure - August. By September you will be free and clear, and not subject to the challenges of Saturn any longer. Saturn always leaves a gift at the end of his reign in one sign, as thanks for having put up with his demands and requirement for sacrifices.

I love AstrologyZone. It's so uncannily almost accurate that its site crashes on the first day of every month! That's how popular the site is!


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