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Sunday, July 01, 2007 @ 11:25 pm

Dear Blogger,

I read with interest about St. James Powerhouse' "discretionary" policy on Ladies Night. Apparently, an over-30 year old woman complained that she could not enjoy the same perks as other younger ladies on a particular Wednesday night because she was too old.

I didn't have any similar experience, but my one and only visit to St. James Powerhouse on a Wednesday was disastrous too. I didn't even get past the velvet rope. I was denied entry because "only members and invited guests are allowed in; there's no private function, but you're free to wait in the other line", said the bouncer.

I didn't understand what the "no private function" meant but I didn't have the time to waste on arguing with the bouncer. My precious time was booked to party. I left, but not without a dazzling smile and a "you've-just-lost-a-very-HOT-woman-to-another-club" attitude.

After reading the article, I thought to myself, was I rejected because I was too old? Or was it because I wasn't model-looking? Nah! Looking at the mirror, I saw not just a beautiful woman, but one who's oozing with combustible confidence.

Too bad St. James. One club's lost is several other club's gain.


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