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Thursday, July 26, 2007 @ 11:14 pm

Dear Blogger,

I felt sad today. Not because of the rainy weather lately, but because I felt that I don't have friends anymore. Ever since I've hooked up with Ipy, our friends seem to have "disappeared". Most cite the popular "work" excuse. "Work" wasn't much of an issue previously. So what gives???

I know I haven't changed much. Does that mean they have changed? Frienships are important to me, with or without a boyfriend/husband/whatever. A simple invite to a meal like we used to do has become a big issue. Is it because they don't trust themselves with me? Is that my problem? This is so disappointing.

Sometimes, dressing up may save a dreary day...

This will be a persistent frustration especially now that I've to get used to Ipy being away most of the time. Actually, I don't mind that he's away. It is part of his job scope after all. The separation will be good for me as it gives me space to be my own person. God knows how much I love my individuality!

Besides, it isn't like we're not communicating. When he's away, we keep in touch by email and the occasional messenger. So even with the lack of physical contact, we're still... together. Then again, it's still early. Time will tell if each of us will have a change of hearts.

Me trying to be cheerful...

My student's father has requested that I set up additional PCs for his many children. I don't mind the voluntary service. It is for the children's own good after all. But his flirtatious ways are freaking me out! He held on to our phone conversation even when I had left an uncomfortable silence between us! And I've just found that his wife is a year younger than me. Already she has given birth to 5 kids!!!


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