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Wednesday, July 11, 2007 @ 11:31 pm

Dear Blogger,

Another day, another adventure. This time, in Melaka city. It was a pack and go trip with 24-hour notice. Thank god my schedule was clear! Double thanks that my cheque had cleared too!

We started off at 11 a.m. A little late yes. We had a long night last night. It rained heavily but by lunch time, the sun was out in full force. Nevertheless, the drive was a smooth one. And I got to drive halfway! Yey!

Me just arrived in Bandar Melaka

A replica of a Portuguese ship at one of the museums I've forgotten

A plaque of the Melaka tree (who knew that Melaka was named after a tree?)

Me under a replica of a bomber plane

Me outside the Melaka Islamic Museum

A tomb of one of the founding fathers in the Islamic Museum

Paintings showing gory punishments of sins committed like adultery, premarital sex and purgatory

Me on the way to St. Paul's Church up on the hill

Me and Ipy taking a much needed respiratory break on the hill

The ruins of St. Paul's Church

Me at the plaque on St. Paul's Church

Me taking a moment at St. Paul's Church

Ipy and me testing my self-timer function of my camera

Tiny me against the Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese conquerors

A painting of British colonists

Old-time guns

Keris cleansing ritual

A portrait of Hang Tuah (the Melaka version of King Arthur)

A portrait of Hang Jebat (the Melaka version of Lancelot)

More churches in the city centre

Me having a well-deserved ice lolly (weather was HOT!)


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