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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 @ 11:43 pm

Dear Blogger,

What's lost sometimes cannot be regained. Sometimes, it's better not to look for it again, even when it taunts you to. Everytime I walk past Kampung Glam NPC, I have this annoying habit of craning my neck to see if a certain someone is there. Or when I pass by Sentosa and it's vicinity, my eyes will scan the street for a certain blue car. They are bad habits I should get rid of.

Another destructive habit I should eliminate is buying things for guys I like. They could be shirts or even boxers! And they are not cheap! I've just bought a Columbia shirt, and I don't even know if this guy would like it! I have seven days to exchange it if he doesn't want it.

Purchases made today...

CD sleeves (3rd floor of Sim Lim Square)

Tube summer dress (50%off!) (Tangs Studio)

Hair accessories (Muchas and Chrisyl, Takashimaya 10% off!)

Bangles (3 for $10) and rings (3 for $5) with free mobile phone chain (Basement of Cineleisure)

Shirt (20% off, additional 5% off for members!) (Columbia, World of Sports)


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