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Monday, June 11, 2007 @ 1:08 pm

Dear Blogger,

I've just watched "200 Pounds Beauty", a Korean hit movie. It started with good premises, but all throughout the movie, I didn't like the way beauty was perceived. Even when it tried to redeem itself at the end of the movie, it fell flat! I believed it wanted to send out this message that even with cosmetic surgery, it was "who you really are" that matters. Unfortunately, the message wasn't sent out clearly.

Typical Korean movie with the standard eye-candy lead actor and actress. I couldn't figure out the lead actor. I didn't know if he was a jerk or an arse. Are those the same things??? His character just proved this centuries-old fact that men only care about the outer beauty first. If she's not slim and gorgeous, she's just a wallpaper.

But look who's talking ya? Here I am, desperately starving myself silly so that I can fit in today's society's idea of beauty. Here's another fact. People look and treat me differently now that I'm slimmer. So what does it say about society???


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