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Friday, June 29, 2007 @ 10:29 pm

Dear Blogger,

I guess it's the La Nina effect. It rains when traditionally, it's not suppose to rain. On some days, it's hot. Super hot. As I was walking home from work, it was drizzling. I've had a long day. The rain felt refreshing. I smoked on a ciggie while walking.

I was reminded of Paris. Walking along River Seine, with a cigarette between my fingers, on a rainy day. The menthol aftertaste made the already cool weather cooler. I shivered. But it was a good shiver. Long puffs after long puffs, savouring the cool taste. My head became lighter after each puff. I felt like my feet weren't touching the ground as I walked. I was flying.

Was this how drugs were supposed to feel like? I don't know. Not that I have any intentions of trying any out. The only drugs I'll consume are the ones prescribed by my doctor. Even then, I've not taken one in quite some time. I haven't swallowed any anti-depressants nor sleeping pills since... February.

I told a friend about my baby dreams I've had of late. She said it was a sign that fortune would come my way soon. Not surprisingly, this is the weekend when the GST Offset Package will be handed out to Singapore citizens. I won't be getting much. Only a couple of hundred dollars. This is the amount that is supposed to help me cope with the increase in Goods and Services Tax that will take effect on the same day this amount is given to me. Hmm... I still can't see the rationale.

I've also told her about the dreams of my ex-boyfriends. She said that these same ex-boyfriends were missing and thinking of me. Surprisingly, this sentiment was shared by the other ladies at the lunch table. Fact or fiction, I don't know. I just find dream interpretation very interesting among the different cultures.

Me waiting outside my student's home

She kept me waiting again even though she pushed up her lesson time because she had another family function to attend afterwards. Sigh...


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