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Wednesday, June 27, 2007 @ 10:23 pm

Dear Blogger,

I did something which I have not done in 15 over years. I went to the zoo!!! I've always wanted to visit our world-famous Singapore Zoo, but there were always excuses like, no time, no money, no friend, etc, etc, etc. Finally, the opportunity came and I didn't hesitate one bit!

Like most things Singaporean, the zoo has changed a lot. I mean, A LOT! There are definitely more exhibits and animal shows. It seemed bigger than the last time I remembered it. Or maybe I was getting too old. Less stamina. But I'm glad this time round, I got to enjoy all of the zoo at my own pace and time. The zoo is best experienced when you have a full day to spend.

Me at AMK bus interchange (I'm wearing the necklace I bought from Em's Beading & Beyond webbie)

Necklace courtesy of Beading and Beyond

The 3 bus services at the Singapore Zoo: 138, 926 and 927

me at the zoo entrance with elephant statues

Me at the zoo entrance ala Paris Hilton (LOL!)

Take a picture with these brightly coloured birds for $5 (all proceeds go to the caring and conservation of the animals)

Feeding time for these monkeys at the free-ranging forest

Orang utans high up in the tree tops

Feeding time for otters too!

Me near the otters

The white tigers were so beautiful that I wanted to bring home one!

Me near the white tigers

Can't remember what this was... Probably some huge fish

Pigmy hippo (underwater ballerina)

Baboons (this area stinks! Literally!)

World's most venomous... err...

Australian outback animals

The Elephants in the Wild show

An elephant skull


Cheetah (fastest land sprinter)


Oran utan again

Not a puppy but some monkey out of its enclosed area

Some huge python

Some hissing cockroaches (gross!)

Flying foxes (world's largest bats)

A tree kangaroo

Iguanas (komodo dragon wasn't in sight *sob sob*)

Giant tortoises

A manatee at the Splash Safari

A proboscis monkey (I was intrigued by its small, bright red penis)

Crocodiles (sudden thought of Steve Irwin)

Animal-shaped plants

In the process of editing the video. Will be uploaded soon on YouTube.


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