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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 @ 11:26 am

Dear Blogger,

Tired, tired, tired. Not physically tired. Lazy tired you know. All I want to do today is just lie in bed. But it's a horrible weather to lie in bed today. I wished it would rain, just like yesterday. Today, the sun is out in full force. I hate that!

Everyone who cares is talking about the election. I don't. In the last election, I was the rare few among my peers who got to vote. But it was a no contest. I had not heard anything from the opposition. I didn't even who the opposition was! How was I to make a fair vote if I could not even hear what the other party had to offer???

I think all this election nonsense is just pure formality, just because Singapore is a "democratic" state (whatever that means!). Therefore, the government are required to hold elections once every few years. But what's the point really? You mute your opposition to the extremes, so what left is there for the competition???

And here the government complains that us young people do not care much about politics. What politics are there for us to care??? I would like my MP to the best person for the job, but I won't know who's the best if I can only hear one side of the story.

So, really, what's the point of an election??? Why should I waste my precious hours in the queue because it's a must for me to vote? By the way, what happens if I don't vote? Will the police knock on my doors and drag me to court? And is it true that civil servants can only vote for the ruling party? If that's so, again, why bother vote?

I remembered the last election. It was the day when Din gave me my first goodnight kiss. Those were innocent days. I guess I'm not that innocent anymore. Five years have past and gosh! Look at what I've become! I can hardly recognise myself anymore!

By the way, I think I'm going to indulge myself a little once I get the progress package "allowance". I'm going to invest on a digital camera! I think I'm a pretty good photographer. So much so that only I can take the nicest pictures of myself.


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