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Monday, April 03, 2006 @ 11:27 pm

Dear Blogger,

I went to the hospital today right after class. This week was supposed to be study week, but I still have classes. I doubt I'll be doing any studying this week anyway. I tried studying at the hospital, but I ended up napping at the visitor lounge with my sister. We couldn't help ourselves! It was freaking raining!

My father was transferred to the general ward in the evening. That meant his condition was improving. He was no longer in coma. He still couldn't speak but he could move his limbs. I insisted on speaking to the consultant even though he was doing his rounds. I told him that if I don't keep my arse here in this ward, he would never come and talk to me later.

What can I say? The bitch always wins! He told me that my father required permanent home care now. He recommended medication but I knew that it was expensive medication. And it wasn't just medication for a week or two. It was lifelong medication!

With my father medically unfit for work, I began to mentally prepare myself for a tougher life ahead. My mother would have to quit her newfound job now because my father would be needing full-time attention at home. With my mother not working and the rest of us either schooling or serving the country, I don't know how we're going to cope financially.

Damn it! I should be focusing on the exams ahead! But how the hell am I supposed to do that??? I hate it when I'm not in control!


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