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Saturday, April 01, 2006 @ 10:03 pm

Dear Blogger,

I have a hickey! It took me 48 hours and 3 colleagues to point that out to me! How embarrassed could I possibly be? To think I've been walking around with this hideous hickey on my nape all around school! I was so sure that there was no evidence to be found in any parts of my body. I guess my body check was not as thorough as I thought.

It was so weird facing my bosses at work today. Both of them! I just couldn't put on a straight face. I had to bite my lip from laughing out loud! When I saw my Bad Boss, I just couldn't resist but look at his pants. I told him about the hickey and how uneasy I was that I had to find out about it from the other staff! I think he dropped by the office so late in the day just so he could check out the hickey.

I want him bad! He's such a sadist! Could I be a closet masochist? I mean I have this morbid fascination with jabs. I always beg my doctor to give me more shots just so that I could see the needle pierce through my skin. My neck is a sensitive spot. Bite at the crevice of my neck and you've got one very horny mama.


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