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Friday, March 31, 2006 @ 10:36 am

Dear Blogger,

It's been 24 hours since my last confession and it has been 3 full moons since I went down on anyone. Also, 8 months have passed since my last orgasm with a man. My vibrator has been doing the job ever since, and I must say that it has been doing a good job!

Obviously, I haven't been really lucky with men lately. I hate them! Yet, I lust after them. Especially one who prefers boxers to briefs and has some form of body piercing (tongue studs are a personally fave!).

I'm a sucker for tall, lanky guys too. As for good guys or bad guys? Good, nerdy Seth Cohen types are adorable but bad boys (Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe) are so much more fun. The worse, the better!

After last night's riotous and very adult company dinner (it was a "Back to School" theme), the good and bad collided. Thus, making me a very satiated employee. What was even more wickedly unbelievable was that both good and bad were my bosses.

I arrived late at the dinner because I had to be at the hospital earlier. Anyway, the late arrival was intentional. I wanted to be there when everyone was already heavily influenced by the beers, wines and liquors. Why attend a sombre company event early when the real fun begins after the dinner?

When I arrived, the Flying Dutchman from Class 95 FM already a few participants on stage playing strip musical chairs. On one corner of the room, the drunk boys in their white shirts, long dark pants and school ties, were making a rukus, catching unsuspecting victims and making them drink whatever lethal concoction they brought in.

My sweet, boyish-looking boss (Good Boss) saw me first and brought me a glass of beer. I drank 2 glasses within 10 minutes of being with him. Apparently, he had already drank 15 glasses earlier. From the looks of things, everyone else seemed to have swallowed quite a lot of beer already. The party had started and I was right on time!

Throughout the night, I had quite a lethal dose of beer, wine and bourbon in my system, with only a chicken floss bun for the day's meal. I was definitely high, but surprisingly, I wasn't drunk. I didn't throw up at all! It was probably because I was moving around a lot.

I was going from one table to the next, getting to know people from the other departments and cheering them on to drink more. If I ever can't succeed in the infocomm industry, I can try out the club scene and be a hostess. I know I'll be good at it.

I met my other boss, the one with the tongue stud (Bad Boss), and somehow, I knew that the thin employer-employee line we had been walking on would be broken tonight. Even when he was ridiculous garbed in a convent girl uniform, he was hot! He was making ME hot!

On the dance floor, he had his hands all over one his female colleagues the whole time. I was ashamedly bothered by it. I mean, why did it bother me so much? It wasn't like there was anything going on between us. So, I stepped outside for awhile just to cool things off and get my senses back on track.

Good Boss came over to check on how everyone was doing. He was so drunk but not in a threatening way. Then he kissed me! Not a lip smacking lip kiss! It was a damn-I-wanna-fuck-you-but-in-a-gentle-way kiss! That just caught me off-balance and started what was going to be one hell of a ride on my sexual fantasy rollercoaster.

Bad Boss saw us and dragged us back to the dance floor. I danced for awhile but I was content to just check out other people's moves. Good Boss kissed me again and then left to get more drinks. Bad Boss dragged me to the dance floor again but this time, his hands were all over me!

We were seriously flirting on the dance floor, even though we could feel the other staffs looking at us. My mind kept flashing this huge neon warning: "THIS IS SO WRONG! THIS IS SO SO WRONG!". But I didn't care! I was seriously high and I so wanted to taste that tongue stud.

It was time to leave but I thought the night was still young. I had forgotten that it was still a school night. I suggested to go for more drinks and both Good Boss and Bad Boss agreed. We found ourselves at Insomnia and that was when things really got heated up. It got so sinfully bad that I think I deserve flagellation. Not in sexual sort of way of course.

While bad boywent to answer phonecalls, Good Boss kept locking his lips with mine! I didn't stop him. His kisses were sweet. His tongue foreplay was gentle and reassuring. I liked that. I knew that if sex with him would be slow with lots of caresses.

Bad Boss returned and just stood there looking at me. While Good Boss was non-threatening, this one was scaring me. It was so thrilling! When I least expected it, his tongue was on my ear! All sorts of my internal alarm went off! And it was loud!

He got rougher and started biting on my ears, neck and shoulders. It hurts a little but I was so aroused by it. He finally kissed me. It was explosive! God I love tongue studs! It was obvious that he was the dominant one and I liked it! I wanted to be dominated!

His hands weren't hesitant to find their way under my dress but we were still in Insomnia! I may be sexually deprived for a long time but there was no way I was going to fuck him in a club! He got the message though. So he contented himself with kissing and biting the hell out of me.

After awhile, I felt bad for neglecting Good Boss. So I made up for it by kissing him even more. While I kissing him, Bad Boss was feeling me from behind. It was a menage trois at the corner of Insomnia. I can't remember when anything like this had ever happened to me before. This was so wrongfully exciting!

Both bosses wanted to send me home and they debated over it for awhile. In the end, the dominant Bad Boss won. He was kind enough to send Good Boss home too. Actually, I insisted on it. It was along the way anyway. In the back seat, Good Boss and I were making out. Bad Boss encouraged it.

When I was assured that Good Boss was safely home, we made our way to my place. As soon as he parked the car at my block, he was all over me. Now I've made out in cars before but never at a residential block! Even at 3 in the morning, someone might see us! Somehow, that didn't bother him at all.

His kisses became more commanding. His grip became more aggressive. Every struggle I made just turned him on even more and I increasingly indulged him. I was already wet when he slid his finger in me. That took the oxygen out of me! I was gasping for air and moaning out loud in delirious ecstacy.

I could feel it building up. It was just waiting for that final push for release. I wanted to explode but I couldn't! Not yet anyway but I finally did! The after-feeling was pure bliss. No more frustration. The tension's gone. I felt relaxed. So what if it wasn't intercourse? I had my long overdue orgasm hadn't I?

I couldn't let him have all the fun could I? I wanted him to remember me for the rest of his life. So I blew his fucking mind off! I haven't tasted a dick in a long time but thank goodness this one tasted good. Not boasting or anything but I think my blowing skills have reached the super duper unforgettable level. Still, there are always new tricks to learn.

Once our sexual desires had been fulfilled, we said our goodbyes. But in the back of our minds, we wondered how work was going to be like after this. I don't know if this experience was ever going to repeat. I don't want to give any hope of it. I don't even dare to label him Guy E!

By the way, he's a Gemini. The last bad boy I had unfortunately tangoed with was a Gemini too. Dear God, I hope I don't get emotionally involved this time round. I'm content to just be his fucking buddy. Enough about last night. The thought of what was going to happen at work now worries me. Am I the unofficial department slut now?


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