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Sunday, March 05, 2006 @ 12:15 am

Dear Blogger,

I'm a little tipsy right now. I just got home from work. Actually, work ended at 5 p.m. but I stayed for the Jazz by the Beach event. It was great to meet some of the musicians again, and they remembered me! There was no mention of you-know-who even!

I came alone because none of my friends were interested. It didn't matter. I was glad I went to the event on my own. I had planned to just have a drink and go home right after the event. But my boss joined me and he kept buying drinks for everyone. So one bottle led to four bottles. By the time the band started playing the last set, I was a little tipsy.

The thing about my boss is that he enjoys provoking me and I often return the favour with my ascerbic wit. For whatever I had said during my job interview, he had construed my words to assume that I was an SPG (Sarong Party Girl - a woman who prefers caucasion men). Of course I'm not! I had never gotten lucky with a caucasion male before!

He assumed that I was at this jazz event because there were many caucasion males present. I played at his assumption, blaming local men for not being satisfactory in all aspects. This battle of the sexes banter went on all night until at the end of the night, I've accused him of being old, gay and coward, typical of local men!

To prove me wrong, I gave him a challenge: To walk up to three blonde women and ask for their names. That was it! I didn't even ask him to get their contact numbers. It took him ten minutes to accept the challenge and he did get their names. Not with style though, but to give him some credit, he did get their names. Of course that didn't mean he wasn't gay. Haha!

It was close to eleven and the bar was closing. We were the only ones left. He offered to drive me back and I thought he was going to send me to the nearest MRT station. He sent me all the way home instead. I think it was all that beer we were drinking because we were acting like kids in the car. I was at my wittiest, bitchest best and he was being a frustrated man.

He got all physical on the expressway but it wasn't what you were thinking. He started slapping my hand away when I tried to mess up his stereo system. He started pinching my ears and squeezing my neck and shoulder everytime I called him a wuss. When we got to our block, he just wrestled with me and pulled my ears just to get back at me for calling him names. My ears are still pretty red and sore.

Hard to believe it, but it was all childish fun! Something only an excessive amount of alcohol can do. But all this time, I was not stupid enough to push it any further. If it was any other man, I'd probably wake up in his bed. But he's my boss for God's sake! Even though our working hours were long over, he was still my boss. Do you know how weird it would be if something had actually happened???

Nevertheless, there's this nagging question in my mind. Was my boss hitting on me? I think his mind was thinking the same thing too. It would just be dreadfully awkward if something did happen. Still, I'm proud of myself for the fact that I was clear about my boundaries.

Oh! The jazz band was awesome! It was soul and funk jazz and the night was just perfect for it! I'll be missing the next one though, but I'll be back for the latin jazz on 18th March. And no. You know who will not be playing.


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