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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 @ 10:24 pm

Dear Blogger,

You know those new mp3 phones that are a rage with the youngsters these days? I hate them! I don't mind having to listen to a sample of a song if the phone rings or someone sends that person an SMS. But to have to listen to the whole song, in the loudest possible volume the phone can carry, is so annoying! To have to listen to the whole song when it's neither a call nor an sms is out-of-my-mind irritating!

What is even worse is when these kids treat public places like their own karaoke bar. Everyday, some wasted youth never fails to ruin my day with his bad-sounding mp3 phone and even worse singing. Haven't these people heard of earphones or headphones? There are some really good ones in the market which promise to be sound-proof.

What has happened to our youths? All these mindless fun is... mindless! And is it me or is it only the Malay youths who indulge in all these nonsense? I don't want to insult any of my Malay folks (I've insulted them enough already) but I'm just disappointed in them. These kids are supposed to be our future, but I see that my future is not getting any brighter.

I still haven't fully recovered from my cold, which has somehow promoted itself into flu. I don't have fever but I'm getting some kind of rashes on my arms. At first, I thought they were heat rashes. Then, someone told me that the rashes looked like some allergic reaction. I've never had allergies before. Not even to dust.

My logical brain thinks that they still heat rashes. Because for whatever reason, my body couldn't break into a fever, all that heat in my body pops out as ugly spots on my fair arms. I'm taking cold and flu tablets like they're vitamins. I get lethargic easily and my joints ache, especially at my left wrist and spine. Despite this discomfort, all I could think about was nachos and lasagna.


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