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Thursday, February 02, 2006 @ 9:14 am

Dear Blogger,

Why do the hospitals here have to look so dreary? White is a good pure colour but after a while, the white will turn grey and dull. If I'm sick and I'll have to stay within these four walls, I'll be even more sick!

Patients need bright, cheerful colours! Even when death is inevitable, there is a higher chance that we'd die with a smile on our face if the walls were painted with the colours of the rainbow.

My father has his little toes of his left leg removed a few days ago. More will be removed if his blood won't flow into his foot. Some of the remaining left toes look like they've been frost-bitten, which is basically what it is!
Because no blood is flowing to that area, the toes are deprived of oxygen and carbon dioxide and wastes build up there. That explains the black, burnt look of frost bites.

This rationale didn't come from any doctor nor medical journals. I just thought that makes sense. I always knew that I'm a science person at heart.

Pity that I didn't pursue medical school. Not that I'm regretting it or anything. I'm discriminated against a medical degree because I came from a working class background and I'm female.

Besides, I'm hooked on forensic investigation. So what if medically, I'm not qualified? There is such a thing as computing forensic investigation. I attended a seminar on hacking the other day and I have to say, I can ethically hack my friend's computer now. Cool stuff!


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