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Sunday, February 19, 2006 @ 9:15 pm

Dear Blogger,

I am really, really tired. But it's good tired! My feet feel so sore that I can barely walk properly. It was all that standing at work. This weekend, I was rostered to do PR work. It mainly involves chit-chatting and directing guests to their destination.

I enjoy that! I enjoy the interaction. Most rewardingly, I enjoy the appreciation I receive from my guests with my service. Not surprisingly, it's usually the non-locals who really, as the poster at the bus-stop says, makes customer service worth it.

Maybe it's the uniform too. My smile comes easily when I put on the uniform. Not only that, my greetings have a sing-song tune too! My colleagues think I'm a happy person. If they only knew. This job is truly an escape for me. For 8 hours in each day of work, I am able to forget the problems back home. I can even indulge myself in a little daydream romance every now and then!

Today, I helped change a baby's diapers. The mother was a blonde Australian, but her baby girl was dark. She was commenting on how such a supposed family-oriented place did not even have diaper-changing stations. So I offered to help hold her baby while she changed her diapers. I forgot how babies can really stink. Fuyooh!

She asked if I have children. It took me a few seconds to think of an appropriate response. No, I do not have children. I don't think I ever will have children. But I almost had one. How wicked that would sound if it left my head.

I didn't want to leave. I wanted to keep holding the baby, but she was not mine to keep. I think if the woman was observant enough, she would have seen the sadness in my eyes. Oh well. Men, here's a toast to you. Thanks for all the bitterness I'm feeling right now.

There were some really hot Italian (or was it Spanish?) guys too, who dropped by before flying off tonight. They left with a deep impression of my big, white smile and laughter. I even flirted with my boss. He came not once, not twice, but three times to our grounds! So, I couldn't help teasing him about him missing me too much.

But it was all harmless fun. I wouldn't even consider seriously flirting with any of my guests nor my colleagues. Romance is definitely out of the question for me right now. If he's not Brad Pitt, he's not worth my precious time. Why should I settle for frogs when I could have a prince? Why should I have a prince then? Because I'm worth it.


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