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Thursday, January 12, 2006 @ 1:28 am

Dear Blogger,

After chilling out over beer, despite the heavy downpour here in the east, my despise for men has intensified. A friend of a past complicated fling joined in for the chill-out and he soon started reminding me of that person's existence. I haven't really thought about that person until he came along.

From what I've heard tonight, that person is still the same arsehole of a player. After what happened last year, I had expected him to be more involved as a family man. Instead, he has become smarter in not getting caught again. I guess, a leopard never changes its spots.

Surprisingly, some guys actually want to be like him! It's all a game to these boys. It doesn't matter if there are casualties in this game. It's all about scoring! I refuse to be part of this game anymore. It was fun and thrilling in the beginning. Never did I expect that I will be badly burnt by it. I live but I'm eternally scarred.

I pity his wife. I think she deserves so much better. If only she could see that instead of blindingly accusing me of stealing him away. I never asked for his devotion. He just came into my life and I couldn't dump him no matter how much I tried!

Anyway, that was in the past. If the past still catches up with me, I simply have no choice but to just grin and bear it. It's just one of those things which I've to live with. I despise men for the games they play. I despise them even more for their ability to get away with it.


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