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Friday, July 04, 2003 @ 9:37 am

Dear Blogger,

Such a cool weather today. The kind of weather which I should be cuddled up in bed! I should be in my room right now, not in the office. I was late anyway.

My shoulders are aching again. Barely a week since I had a weekend break, my shoulders are aching again. Have I worked too hard lately? I don't think so. Am I not sitting correctly? I don't think so. At the way I'm sitting right now, I can put any officer or etiquette teacher to shame.

The weekend ahead seemed so short. It won't be one of those nothing to do, bored to death, stuck at home kind of weekends. But I wish it was. It's funny how when you have it, you don't want it.

I'll be out the whole day tomorrow and on Sunday too. I'm just going to chill with some friends whom I've not seen in ages. Guys naturally. I don't have many girlfriends. On Sunday, I'm going to watch Charlie's Angels with my sister then hang out at Swensen's, savouring on ice cream cake.

It would be heaven to spend some quiet, quality time with a special someone this weekend. Alas, that special someone is becoming non-existent somehow. We're not breaking up. We're not together either. I don't know what we are. I'm just drifting.

I'm a driftwood, drifting underwater, breaking into pieces. Travis sang that. It was my anthem in 2000, a year before I officially became an adult. I still love that song. It's so poignant.

To date, I've received several correspondences from web surfers all over the world about my blog spot. Thanks for the compliments and the criticisms (few though) guys! I really appreciate it. I didn't think anyone would read my secondary school writing but apparently, I was wrong. Do keep the mails coming in. I'd love to get to know who's reading my blogs. It's just like school days, doesn't it? I was an avid letter writer once. I used to write to pen pals from all over the world. Those were romantic times.


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