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Thursday, June 19, 2003 @ 1:56 pm

Dear Blogger,

No good-looking guys here at Tanglin. Still, their blue uniform is driving me nuts!

I have a thing for men in uniforms, especially pilots in the airforce. It's the legacy of Top Gun. How could anyone not have at some point not go ga-ga over Maverick or Iceman???

There is just something about men in uniforms. I guess the uniforms make them look smarter and dare I say heroic?

Weird enough, when I met Din, he was wearing his blue uniform. I found him pleasant to look at but not attractive enough to fall for him. It wasn't a case of love at first sight for us.

Another reason I could think of why I'm crazy over him could be that, I don't really know anyone who's working in the uniform group full-time. NS men don't count. So he was like a new thing for me.

4 more days to his return *big wide grin*.


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