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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 @ 9:02 am

Dear Blogger,

My dad is doing it again. I knew something wasn't right when him and me were sitting in the kitchen having breakfast together. That never happened.

My dad's taxi got clamped again. He needed $1000 to free it. It was like seeing his baby locked behind bars. My dad has known nothing but driving his taxi half of his life. It's his bread and butter.

Ever since the Asian crisis in the late 90s, his livelihood has never been the same. There are more taxis but there are lesser taxi-flagging passengers now.

Singapore has a very advanced public transportation system in the world. One of the best I think. Taking the bus and MRT is cheaper than taking the taxi. So you can see why my dad is struggling.

Despite that, we have managed to mantain our brand of comfort. We have several tellys, several PCs, cable and broadband access, air-con system, heating shower system and many others. At first glance, we might seem well-off.

Anyway, my dad has asked for a loan from me many times before. Often, I couldn't give him the loan because I didn't have what he was asking for. I don't earn 30K per annum you know.

And because of this, I am close to getting myselt admitted to IMH. My rejection comes with mental and emotional abuse from him. He can't beat me up anymore because of the Woman's Charter. Besides, being Asian means family law preceeds civil law.

I don't know how long more I can take this. As hard-headed as I am, I have limits too.

I prayed now and then for someone to take me away from this. I thought I have found that someone but he himself has issues. I asked him once if he was the one to save me, he said yes. I guess I am still clinging to that promise. I am pathetic I know.

At times like this, all I need is someone to hold me close and tell me that things will be alright.


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