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Sunday, June 15, 2003 @ 9:41 am

Dear Blogger,

I watched Finding Nemo yesterday with some friends. The movie isn't what it was cut out to be. It's the kind of movie TCS 5 should show during Father's Day.

We watched it at Causeway Point because one of my friend's kids live around there. I was kind of tired by the time I met them at the cinema at 6pm. I was out of the house early in the morning remember?

Even with my sis as company, I was feeling a little bored and lonely. I tried to make the best of the situation but it's just different. I miss going out with Din.

I didn't feel like going home last night. Because I knew if I do go home, I'll be stressed out again. I know I'm running away from my problems but give me a solution and I'll gladly do it for you. Wait a minute! How have these become MY problems???

Where the hell is my Prince Charming? HELLO! There's a damsel in distress here!


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