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Friday, June 06, 2003 @ 9:25 am

Dear Blogger,

I was early to work today. I feel a little tired but suddenly I have this drive to really work today. Well, anything to get my mind off last night's events.

There was a gathering at Beach Road, organised by one of the ladies. I intended to go because I felt a little sociable yesterday. Also, I knew this girl called Tauq will be there too with one of the guy chatters. She's really a bitch. I knew that she has the hots for this guy. So, another reason for me to be there is to divert his attention away from her and on to me. Wicked!

One of my good friends told me he'll be there too, with another of the bitches. Gosh! That would be interesting and so I thought.

So why am I getting myself involved with these bitches??? I guess I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else there that I'm no push-over. These bitches hate me and its no secret. It's not like some of them are not beautiful or not smart. God knows why they hate me. They think I'm stealing the limelight from them and that I'm stealing the guys from them. AS IF!!!

Hey! I know I'm a flirt but I don't flaunt my assets like these bitches do. I'm easy-going in nature but that doesn't mean I'm THAT easy. I've only fucked one guy and I'm faithful to him. More or less that is.

Anyway, as soon as I stepped into the food centre, I saw the bitchiest of the bitches! One look at her from afar and its enough to make my body turn towards home. She is beyond hatred already. I didn't do anything to her but what she did to me seals it.

As easy-going as I am, she thought I was flirting with her fiance. It didn't help that her fiance is the jovial kind too. She called me a slut behind my back and she rallied all those girls in the chatroom against me. I'd really be a slut if I chose to sleep with her fiance but I'm not going to stoop to her level. As if her fiance is to die for.

Went home and was greeted with a feast. Meditated and went to sleep. I hoped those bitches choked on one of the bones. Wicked!!!


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