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Friday, June 13, 2003 @ 10:11 am

Dear Blogger,

I really must have disliked that particular someone so much so that I dreamt of her last night. She didn't really popped into my dream but I dreamt that she posted all my thoughts in the chatroom for everyone to see! Now how is that different from what I'm doing now in this website? First of all, I choose what to disclose in my website. Secondly, this website is my baby.

I've always said that it defeats the purpose of my writing this and publishing it online if its not meant to be read by anyone anywhere.

What has she got against me? Only God knows. But I'm not going to let people like her scare me. I scare myself enough already.

Anyway, I also dreamt of Din last night. He was being overly errmmm... romantic? I don't really know how to describe it. He surprised me by taking me to a suite and I knew what he wanted to do. But when we got to the hotel, we met his colleagues, his friends, my friends and all these other people who were NOT supposed to be in my dream in the first place. We didn't get to the fun part. Heck! We didn't even get to our room! Then, I woke up. Geez!!! What was that all about?!

I want to keep on sleeping. I want to do it with him. Even if it's just a dream. I don't care! I want to wake up feeling breathless and tingly all over. Please God I hope tonight I'll dream of the 2nd part.


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