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Monday, June 09, 2003 @ 9:21 am

Dear Blogger,

Friendship... It's such an overused and misunderstood word. There was a time when friendship means a lifelong bond. You meet someone who either shares a similar interest or totally opposites of you and you become friends. This bond is forever.

Friendship does not exist anymore. People take the word friends for granted. What is my definition of friendship?

A friend to me is somebody whom I can trust and whose assistance is not determined by the size of my bank account or a model-like appearance in which I was unfortunately not endowed with.

There was a time when I chose my friends very carefully. I was never a trusting person. I must have picked that up from my childhood experiences with my parents. Even when I took that chosen someone into my circle of trust, I was still very guarded.

Of late, I have let my guard down. I have been too trusting. How did that happen? I don't know. It was possible that I was in desperate need of a listening ear. I was afterall knee-deep involved in a very complicated and tormenting situation.

I had never felt betrayed until now. Not even when Din was with another girl. Nothing hurts more than when people whom you trust betrayed you.

I was never good in this backstabbing business. Apparently women are supposed to be good at it. Bitches perfected it.

I am so naive aren't I? When I thought the world is already polluted by sadistic people, it shows me that there are even more sadistic people out there.

Well, people like these make people like me lose faith in the good things. I have one thing to say to these bitches, who had so graciously found the time to increase the traffic of my website: KISS MY SOFT, AMPLE, WHITE ARSE!!!


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