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Wednesday, June 18, 2003 @ 2:15 pm

Dear Blogger,

Damn it!!! Why are guys such jerks sometimes?! He practically yelled at me for worrying too much! It's not like I WANT to worry about him. I can't help it.

And since we're on this subject, I can't help thinking too much either. People keep telling me, "Don't think too much", "Relax", "Leave your worries at home" etc etc etc. It's not like I have a valve in there to turn off thinking whenever I want to. Oh man... If I can just plant my brain on someone else for a few minutes, then they'll know how I feel.

I just can't help thinking and if I think too deep, then too bad. I can't shut it off! Once I tried to not think at all, I ended up thinking more. I think everytime. I probably think even when I'm 6 feet underground!

What do I think about? I don't know. Stuff I guess. Anything which my senses capture, I'll be thinking about it. It doesn't help that for the past few months, the bulk of my thoughts are on HIM! Some men are so ungrateful.


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