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Saturday, May 10, 2003 @ 11:04 am

Dear Blogger,

please tell me what's the point of coming to work on Saturdays if I'm sitting here in the office and not working at all??? I've asked this question several times to several people. I get the same dumbfounded response from everyone. Perhaps the government should consider abolishing workin on Saturdays for non-service related sector. I think it's ridiculous to work on Saturdays. It's not only a waste of time, but it's a waste of money and manpower as well.

He finally messaged me last night. I purposely did not contact him at all since Monday night. I wanted to see how long this silent treatment will last. Well, it didn't last long I see. He asked me why I didn't call or message him. I explained to him that I was doing what he was doing to me. Of course, men being men, he didn't understand that. I didn't think the words I used were too difficult to understand. But then again, I'm too smart for most people, him included.

He asked me that question again and again. Why does he do that? Is he that thick-skinned? For God's sake! It was 1am in the morning! Couldn't he ask me nice questions like "what are you doing dear" or "how are you doing dear"???

When he's a son of a bitch, he's really a damn son of a bitch. When he's charming, he'll really charm your pants off. Literally!!! What's up with this guy??? Find me another man who can do that and I'll treat him like a king. Deadsy perhaps? *wink*


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