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Wednesday, May 21, 2003 @ 9:59 am

Dear Blogger,

No coins in my pouch yet. I didn't feel any urge at all to contact THAT guy. It's amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it.

There was another minor crisis at home. It's events like these that make me despise to go home. My mum quit her job again. What's up with her?! She changes jobs like she changes the mop head on the mop. Doesn't she know that she's setting a bad example on her kids? I'm not against job-hopping but do it for the right reasons. Not because there was a bit of hardship in your workplace. She had it all so easy.

I'm sick of my job sometimes but I don't just tender a 24-hour notice to my management. My dad is sick of driving his taxi 6 days a week but he doesn't quit every few days of the month.

Jobs are hard to come by at these trying times. Yet, she makes it look so easy. She's not highly educated but she wants a cushy job. I have the feeling that she wants to go out to work because she doesn't want to stay home. Hey! I'm OK with that. I'm used to not seeing her around in the house. I grew up without her in the house.

But what really annoys me is how she goes about doing it! Everytime this happens I've to tell my sis, "Don't be stupid and let that behaviour influence you". Work smart, not work hard. Don't go to work because that's what your friends are doing.

It's a known fact that my mum and I have conflicts. Besides, we hardly talk to each other. We just have a different way of thinking. But then again, I think differently as compared to most people. She has to learn one day that life is not a bed of roses.


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