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Friday, May 02, 2003 @ 8:56 am

Dear Blogger,

I've had enough with my dad's insults. He does this every month. I really can't stand it anymore. I'm going to move out. I've already found a place near my workplace. The problem is I don't know if I can afford it. The only way I can pay for the deposit and the first month's pay is to withdraw my fixed savings. If I do that, I won't receive any interest. In fact, I will lose some of the money invested. What shall I do?

I don't really have any support for my decision. Everyone wants me out but no one wants to help me. Looks like I'm on my own again. But then again, I've always been on my own. I have to be organised and be strong. What do I have to do?

First, I've to work out a budget. This is very important. Second of all, I've to be very discipline. Very! I can't break down no. It's now or never. Lastly, I've to work out a schedule so that the move in will be as smooth as possible.

For the first time, I feel scared. I'm really going to be on my own this time.


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