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Sunday, May 18, 2003 @ 10:42 am

Dear Blogger,

It's a really hot Sunday. The sun is blazing like its on revenge or something. I'm wearing my tank top and shorts and I'm still perspiring. I would definitely like some rain right now.

Last night's outing was alright. As usual, I came first before anyone else. I had to wait there all alone like I was some hooker waiting for customers. I told myself if anyone did approach me and ask how much, I was going to scream like a banshee. Thank goodness no one did such a thing.

I wasn't much of a talker last night. I guess I was a little tired and bored. We had supper there but I wasn't really hungry. It was odd really because I hadn't really ate anything the whole day. It was even odder last night because there was a full moon. Oh boy. What a glorious full moon that was. It was bright and clear. I could even see the moon man on it. It was magnificent.

Ok, so what's odd about that? I wasn't horny. Yup. I was not in any way horny at all. And it was a full moon night! I wasn't thinking about dicks. I wasn't thinking abt my breasts. I wasn't thinking about stuffing myself wif something. Now that was odd.

I could be sick. My throat does feel a little sore but I don't have a temperature yet. Maybe I'm jus a hypochondriac. I am probably the strangest women on the planet. I like to fall sick and I like jabs. I should be in Ripley's Believe or Not!

I did ask him if he was asleep. He didn't reply. I guess he was asleep or that he didn't bother. That was good isn't it? If he did reply, I might have done something which I may regret later. Then why do I still feel snubbed???


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