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Saturday, May 17, 2003 @ 7:00 pm

Dear Blogger,

It has been a really unproductive day. I didn't do anything that is worth mentioning here. I hate days like these. I could have sworn I felt my fats just expanding.

I was supposed to treat my sister to a sushi lunch. She's never been to a sushi bar before. Plans changed right after noon. I know I shouldn't have done it but I read Din's emails. It serves him right to not change his password frequently!

Anyway, I checked his Sent folder and there were all these emails to some girl by the name of Nur Hidayah. I knew about it all along but I just ignored it. I couldn't ignore it anymore because he called her "dear"! How could I ignore that?!

I went ballistic and I demanded him to tell me who the fuck she was. I accused him of cheating on me and that he doesn't have the balls to tell me about it. Hey, I told him about MY affairs didn't I???

As usual, he only replied hours later. I think he knew by now that the only way to talk to me is to wait hours or days later so that I will cool down. That was smart of him. I'll give him credit for that.

He said that she was his friend. Yeah right. You don't call a friend "dear" unless she's special. Well, I don't know what to believe. He found out by now that I've been reading his emails. So arrest me! When he asked me why I accused him like that, I told him how the fuck was I to react? He would be jealous too if he was in my shoes. And you know what? He laughed. He laughed at me! What? Did I miss something here. Was that supposed to be funny?

I'm going out tonight. I'm meeting my friends again after almost 2 months of living like a hermit. I don't know how they will react and I don't know how I will react. I'm still kind of nervous about meeting them. I have to meet these people some day right?

I'm going to this Seletar Reservoir. Not sure if its Upper or Lower but we call it Yishun End. I like the place. A long time ago. It was a quiet, peaceful place to reflect. But now, it's just crowded with people who had nothing better to do then show off their machines. I call it the Car Parade. You'll know what I mean if you've been there.

By the way, I received a really surreal email from a fan of mine. That's right. A fan mail! The sender's name is Jasri. Well, that was what was written on the header. Anyway, it was sweet of him. I'm glad he liked my entries. However, I do suspect he enjoyed the sexy details. He said I was a good writer and that I should write a book. Funny. That's what rabbit_man told me. He's a Yahoo Messenger chatter.


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