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Sunday, May 11, 2003 @ 10:31 pm

Dear Blogger,

Forgotten to tell you about the strange dreams I've had lately. Dreams being dreams, they don't make sense at all. They're just like a Matrix movie.

Anyway, I took a nap in the afternoon. Well, there wasn't much to do on a Sunday. I had this horrid dream about naked women with big breasts, me running after something, me running away from something, someone's wedding, me holding back the saliva in my mouth (I was in fact drooling), a message beep in the background, etc. It all doesn't make sense. But in the past few days, the dreams have a common storyline, and that is I'm running away from something.

In the past, there were recurring dreams of me running or flying naked. I then found out that my mind was subconsciously seeking freedom. I don't know if I have achieved some form of freedom, cause I don't dream such things anymore. Occassionally, I do dream of nudity but it's more sexual than running away. But I digress.

So, what does this set of new dreams mean? For sure I know, I'm stressed. You would just have to look at the breakouts I'm at war right now. Or, it could just be the effects of the contraceptive pills I've been popping again after a year. Strange. I don't remember breaking out this badly.

It's all his fault! Why are men so complicated? Why can't life be simple just like in the movies? Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl thinks boy is a jerk. Boy wins girl over. Boy ask girl to marry her. And they live happily ever after. Now, why can't I have that?!

Oh God! I've turned into Ally McBeal. Somebody save me!!! URGENT!


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