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Tuesday, April 29, 2003 @ 5:00 pm

Dear Blogger,

my shoulders are hurting again. I tried sitting with the right posture but its really hard when you have to do that for 8 straight hours.I should really practice yoga. I bought the book didn't I? So why am I not practising it???

I hope this SARS thing ends soon. I don't want it to be part of my life. People are saying that it's like AIDS. It was once an epidemic. Now, it's part of our lives. Gosh! That's really terrible. God is punishing us already. The end is almost near.

Something happened to me yesterday that may change my plans for the upcoming months. I was rapped by my boss for the botched up job I did. After that, I thought real hard about quitting. Afterall, I've worked here for almost 3 years. It's time for a change right? But what shall I do? I've always wanted to go back to school full time. I wanted to get my bachelor's degree. That would be neat. I'll have to think real hard about it though.

I want to meet Din tonight but again there's some divine intervention that prevents me from doing so. He won't be able to meet me till 10:30pm. By then, I'd be flat out on my bed! To meet or not, that is the question. Damn it! I really miss him. All I could think about the whole morning was doing a blowjob on him. Urgh! Of all things, I've to think about someone else's penis. Gross! I've been celibate for too long man.


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