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Name: modgurl
Location: Singapore

New mom. New woman. Born in Singapore. Raised in the World Wide Web.
Friday, April 11, 2003 @ 11:46 am

Dear Blogger,

my name is modgurl. No. That is not my name. My name is too beautiful to be called just by anyone. Sometimes I hate my name. Because sometimes I think the name does not suit me. It does not belong to me. I am not like what the name symbolises.

I am 23 years old. Feeling old already. I am mature beyond my ages. I think more that what my peers think about, and that is not much. I think about life, death, cars, people, why this and why that. Like this morning, I think about why am I taking crap from all these people in my life.

I am intelligent. I read books, newspapers, magazines, journals, websites. I read almost anything. But reading does not make a person smart if she does not know how to process that information into knowledge. I know I'm intelligent. Because I think differently. I may not be a scholar but I know I'm better than these scholars. I am a life scholar.

I am beautiful. I know I am. I am not Cindy Crawford beautiful but I am beautiful in my own right. People don't look at me twice but it's fine by me. I prefer to stay out of the limelight, blend in with the background. That is the best position for anyone to observe the dramas of life. You sit there and people don't realise that your brain has not switched off. It's processing data faster than before. You see and hear a lot of things when people don't notice your presence.

That is a brief introduction of me Blogger. That does not even scratch the surface about me. Nobody knows me very well. Anyone who says he does, he's lying.


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