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Tuesday, April 22, 2003 @ 8:51 am

Dear Blogger,

It's happening again. My head is starting to spin. It must be psychological. It's like a war zone here! No wonder I'm getting depressed.

It's all China's fault. Who cares how their political party look like?! Those big wigs in Congress should have tackled the problem in November instead of making their reputation look good their first priority. It's been reported that most of the flu epidemic originated from Guandong. So why the fuck didn't the Chinese government act on it?! If I had my way, I would wipe the Chinese government from the face of the Earth.

Their ignorance or should I say arrogance, is causing all of us lots of problems. I'm not just talking inconvenience here and there, but catastrophic problems. Singapore, which over the last few decades or so has not been in recession (technically) is in danger of an economic collapse! Fuck those Chinese government!


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