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Thursday, April 17, 2003 @ 3:47 pm

Dear Blogger,

I'm breaking out. I've not broke out since secondary school days. I have 3 huge zits on my chin! My pores are the size of marbles. This is not acceptable.

Din update: I've contacted him again. He didn't answer my calls. He did, only once after 11am. I was right. He was asleep. Now why did I call him? To ask him out perhaps. No. To ask him out definitely. Why?! Hasn't he treated me bad enough already? Why am I still sucking up to him?! I am pathetic.

I think I just want to stay home tonight. My zitty face is slowly convincing me to just stay home. Also, he didn't answer my calls. So, I'm in no mood to get frisky with him. Frisky? Who uses that word now??? I'm really getting old.


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