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Thursday, April 17, 2003 @ 9:05 pm

Dear Blogger,

I'm at home now, which is good. Because I got to watch Bridget Jones' Diary. I never got to watch that movie in the cinema. Didn't watch it on VCD nor DVD either. But I've read the book, before there was talk that it's going to be made into a movie.

I love the book. I think Helen Fielding got it right when she wrote a novel about modern women. I really connected with Bridget Jones. I don't drink and smoke like her but we share the same insecurities. I think she's thinner than me because she weighs at 140lbs. I weight 150lbs. Those hours at the gym doesn't seem to help at all.

She has problems with men. I have problem with men too. Even though she gets to sleep with 2 dishy men, she doesn't know what she wants until the end. Of course, that's the world of paperbacks for you. In real life, you don't always get your man. Nor do you know what you want at the end.

I love Mark Darcy. Actually, I love Colin Firth. I first noticed him in a BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. Never have I ever had a crush on any literature men, but he is so D'arcy. I hope Arts Central show the series again.

Next, I saw him in Fever Pitch. This is another novel turned into a book. Again, I read the book first. Nick Hornby. Excellent chap. He was in The English Patient too, as Kristin Scott Thomas' husband.

Anyway, I have to lose weight. 150lbs?! That's too much. When I looked at Bridget Jones on TV, I thought she was fat. Then I suddenly realised that that's me! I'm fat! I mean I know I'm fat but I thought I'm not that fat. Just curvier and fleshier. Watching Bridget Jones' Diary was such a crash back down to Earth.

So here's my plan. As of tomorrow, I'm going to watch what I eat. I'm going to exercise more. Drink more water. So on and so forth. Hmm... like I've never heard that before. I'm going to lose weight to 140lbs by the end of the year. I know I can do it!


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