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Wednesday, April 23, 2003 @ 10:18 am

Dear Blogger,

I want to live as a better person. I'm tired of punishing myself. I want to be happier, richer and smarter. How do I go about doing that?

Din asked me to come over on Friday, lunch time. He asked me to help with his PC, but I knew it's going to be more than that. That's why I hesitated to meet him on Friday. I seriously don't want to shaq him. I just want to communicate with him. I think by communicating, it will forge a stronger bond. Then again, communication isn't a guy's forte is it?

I really miss those days. I was very happy you know. Very, very happy. What happened along the way? One of the great mysteries of life.

I'm drinking lots of water. I'm eating less, I think. So why do I feel heavier every day??? What did I do wrong? Also, I feel tired daily. It must be all those emotional strain. Really driving me bonkers.

Remind me to buy my pills on Friday. I took the last one yesterday. So, I'm expecting the floodgates to open very soon. Yeah. That's right. PMS season. I've already had it early on in the month. Really shitty there. Now, I'm going to have it again at the end of the month. No wonder I'm like a mad woman for the past week.

I cooked again this morning. Fried maggie. Can't cook that often though. Very salty. It's good stuff but not healthy stuff. I should cook more often. Maybe I should cook pasta. I like pasta.


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