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Sunday, April 20, 2003 @ 9:18 am

Dear Blogger,

I came very close to shagging him. I've never been this horny before. It sure is hard being err... can't remember that word right now. A sudden writer's block has come over me.

I asked him to call me last night. Of course he didn't call. Why would I think that he will? I ended up going to bed feeling miserable and lonely. I hate that feeling. Loneliness. It's really a shitty feeling.

It's a glorious morning today. The sun is up and shining but not too bright. Already I can hear thunder roaring. Better bring my jacket later. It's going to be cold in the office. Very cold.

I read a column at Sunday Life today. The guy talked about how his colleagues seem to find time doing other things while still working 16 hour day. He also talked about slowing down. Maybe I should do that. Slow down I mean. My whole body was aching the whole day yesterday. It means that I've been overworking myself. Thank goodness I didn't go out last night. I needed all the rest I can get.


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